Expensive Afternoon For Bomber At Ulrich’s Testimonial—any Fairy Godmothers Out There ???

Expensive Afternoon For Bomber At Ulrich’s Testimonial—any Fairy Godmothers Out There ??? EXPENSIVE AFTERNOON FOR BOMBER AT ULRICH’S TESTIMONIAL—ANY FAIRY GODMOTHERS OUT THERE ???

It ended up being an expensive gesture for Chris Harris in riding in some races at the Ulrich Ostergaard Testimonial.

Having originally been lined up for the meeting other commitments caused this to change but after all that he became available again and  contacted Peterborough promoter Ged Rathbone to see if he was needed. Ged offered him some races and needing track time Chris agreed.

But now Chris is wondering if he should have just stayed at home and had the day off!  First of all he blew one of his engines up warming it up in the pits pre-meeting so was down to one bike.

He won his first ride with consummate ease and was leading his second when he crashed out.---but through no fault of his own. Somehow the chain came off and damaged the clutch basket, side of the engine, chain guard , brand new covers and sprockets but amazingly did not break and was in one complete piece!

Chris limped off after some medical attention with a sore ankle but no damage to himself really –that was all down to his brand new and now written off equipment.

The total extent of damage and cost will not be fully known until the engine is stripped down to see what damage is inside  but the total  for all repairs and replacement of parts that had never been used before is anticipated to be in the region of £5000.

Chris is hoping that some kind sponsors might step forward to help with the bills that have set him back even before a wheel has really been turned in anger and any earnings have been made, “ I cannot believe it. I wanted some track time and also to be there for Ulrich’s big day and now I have two bikes out of commission and a huge bill to pay.”

“ It would be unbelievable for someone to step forward to assist with this …..or even a group of people . If there is anyone who would like to help they can e-mail laurence@chrisharrisracing.com and he will discuss it with you.”

“I don’t like putting the begging bowl out like this but this is a major blow days before the season for the Bees starts. It sounds daft in one way but Laurence (Rogers) who is looking after a lot of my sponsorship this year  said if 50 people could back me for £100 each we could achieve the target !”