Bmr Ryehouse Rockets Victory Over The Poole Pirates

Bmr Ryehouse Rockets Victory Over The Poole Pirates

BMR Ryehouse Rockets take victory over the Poole Pirates 49:44
Chris scores 10+1

It had been billed by the BMR Rockets themselves in the build-up as “The Big One”. It proved just that, on a night of tension and drama played out in front of another big Hoddesdon crowd, with Rye House securing victory and taking 3 league points.

Heat 3 - Chris kept Rye in front with a trademark from-the-back display to take second place from Jack Holder in Heat 3.
Heat 5 - Chris was quick to join Ricky Wells with another overtake, this one on the second lap past 2014 World No.2 Krzysztof Kasprzak.
Heat 9 - Chris won once again from the back as he picked off both Klindt (lap 1) and Andersen (lap 3) for victory. 
Heat 12 - Chris once again claiming the victory the hard way, with a third lap pass of Holder.

BMR Rockets:
Edward Kennett 11+1 (5 rides), Chris Harris 10+1 (5), Stuart Robson 7+3 (4), Scott Nicholls 7 (4), Ricky Wells 6 (4), Ellis Perks 4+2 (4), Robert Branford 4+1 (4).

Brady Kurtz 16 (5 rides, inc 6 as a TR), Krzysztof Kasprzak 9 (5), Hans Andersen 6 (4), Jack Holder 5+1 (4), Bradley Wilson-Dean 4 (4), Nicolai Klindt 4 (5), James Shanes 0 (3).

Match Points: Rye House 3 Poole 1