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Chris Harris Motorsport #37 :: News :: Mixed Afternoon At British Masters Grass Track

Mixed Afternoon At British Masters Grass Track

Mixed Afternoon At British Masters Grass Track After an early morning flight from Sweden and a mad dash from the airport Chris made it to Wimborne just in time for a few practice laps on a bike he bought a few months ago and had never ridden. You would never had believed that though as he mdade a superb start in his first ride to take a fine win and 9 points.
Second time out he was outgated by James Wright but pushed his way through for second and 7 more points.
His third ride was awarded after Zach Wajknecht crashed and the race was stopped. Seeing the red flag Chris slowed and as he did his back chain came off throwing him off the bike. Richard Hall was close behind and hit the bike throwing him off suffering a knee injury. Thankfully Chris was ok but his bike was a sorry mess and a write off. 9 points put Chris on 25 points.
Frantic pit work followed as his Gerhard engine was stripped out of the damaged bike and put into Mitchell Godden's spare chassis which was an old one with mono shocks. The pit crew worked superbly and got a bike ready for Chris's last ride.
Clearly though as the tapes rose Chris was not comfortable on the bike and he failed to make any impact and came in last for a solitary point to make his total 26.
Discussions with his team and pit crew saw him withdraw from the semi-finals which was a sensible decision.
Even though he didn't ride in the semi-finals he finished 6th overall in the Masters listings.

Ht 2 : HARRIS Mear Cooper Phillips Wood Millichip Creswell Powell (ret)

Ht 7 : Wright HARRIS Cooper Hall Baseby Powell Walker Hartley Godden (exc-tapes)

Ht 15 : HARRIS Appleton Hall Phillips Finlow Speight Millichap Hartley Wajtknecht (f/exc)

Ht 20 : Appleton Baseby Cooper McDonald Millichap Hickmott Hartley HARRIS