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Chris Harris Motorsport #37 :: News :: 13 Point Haul At Rybnik For Bomber

13 Point Haul At Rybnik For Bomber

13 Point Haul At Rybnik For Bomber Two Rybnik sides met in this Darcy Ward Charity meeting in front of a disappointing crowd.
Bomber lined up in Seb Ulamek's side against Damian Balinski's team. The sides were :
Ulamek's : 1. Seb Ulamek 2. Michal Schmidt. 3. CHRIS HARRIS. 4. Kamil Wieczorek. 5. Dakota North. 6. Robert Chmiel.
Balinski's : 9. Damian Balinski. 10. Grzegorz Bassara. 11. Troy Batchelor. 12. Roman Chromik. 13. Kacper Woryna. 14. Valentin Grobauer.

Chris won his first four rides in fine style with a superb heat 11 win taking Balinski on the last lap after a classic four lap battle in a typical Bomber pass.
In heat 15 off the graveyard gate 4 he had to work hard to get third spot and with Ulamek winning the race after Bomber gave him choice of gates this levelled the scores at 45 each.

Balinski 10(5), Woryna 9+1 (5), Batchelor 9 (5), Grobaeur 8+1 (5), Chromik 8 (5), Bassara 1 (5)

Harris 13 (5), Ulamek 13 (5), North 9 (5), Wieczorek 5 (4), Chmiel 4 (5), Schmidt 1 (5)

After the meeting it was off to the airport for an early morning flight home for Chris whilst Lee and Laurence had a busy Monday cleaning all the bikes and equipment ready for sending to Australia for the next and final GP in Melbourne.
The duo worked all day on this before loading up and driving straight from Poland to Amsterdam to pack the crate for sending ...then were on the road again back to the UK !!