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Chris Harris Motorsport #37 :: News :: Chris Harris Racing #37 Welcome Sprint Back As Mainline Sponsor In 2016

Chris Harris Racing #37 Welcome Sprint Back As Mainline Sponsor In 2016

Chris Harris Racing #37 Welcome Sprint Back As Mainline Sponsor In 2016 With the on -going campaign to bring new sponsors on board for the 2016 season CHRIS HARRIS RACING are pleased to welcome back long term backers SPRINT  ENGINEERING for the new campaign.

Gary Smith from Sprint has become more than a sponsor to Chris as Bomber comments, “ The backing from Gary and Sprint is highly crucial to the racing budget for my team.  Gary though has become more than a sponsor but a close friend . They have backed me for over 7 years and Gary , as a speedway fan at heart, loves his involvement and the support they provide is much appreciated.”

For Gary his involvement definitely gives him a buzz. In an article printed in 2015 he outlined why it was Chris he backed , “ People often ask, why Chris Harris? Of all the riders racing in the British Leagues why was it Chris I approached?”

“The answer to that is simple. He is so exciting to watch. He doesn’t make the best gates and invariably has to come from the back. He never gives up and to see him chasing someone, pressuring them to make a mistake or blasting full throttle round the boards, well it’s fantastic stuff isn’t it?”

“And then I watched the Cardiff Grand Prix in 2007 and I don’t think there has been a better one. His performance that night was incredible.”

“Since getting to know Chris, he’s become a good friend and I travel to as many GP’s as possible to watch him race.”

“ Sprint work closely with Bomber and his team to ensure they use only the highest quality precision bearings for the motor bikes. That’s why SKF are involved . From Bomber ’s point of view the difference between success and failure really can depend on the quality of the bearings used.”

“The SKF Explorer deep groove bearings provides that quality and we are proud to back Chris Harris Racing Team with these products. We also back Chris with rear and primary chains, general workshop supplies and consumables as well as giving support with engines, tuning, clutch plates etc that all go to ensure his equipment is tip-top.”

Official Website - www.sprint-uk.com
Official Twitter - @Sprinteng